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Looking for a unique and personal way to capture your special day? 

Introducing Our wedding reels, a guest video marketing platform that's a blast to use.

Our wedding reels offers a simple cost-effective ability to capture videos from guests at your wedding and/or reception. 

 With our easy-to-use platform, your guests can now create videos that are stored all in one place and can be easily shared or displayed.

Our wedding reels can generate a link or QR Code that's easily shared with your guest. The videos can be up to 8 minutes long and a mobile phone is all that's needed to film a guest personal messages, wishes and memories of your wedding.

 Imagine how it would be to have a theme at every table asking for a fun, best or crazies memory from your past or offering that shy person who would never stand up and give a toast the be ability to comfortable delivery a message utilizing our wedding reels.

You will receive guest generated content (videos) that you control. It could be immediately seen by guest "wedding wall of love" or saved for editing for your professional video later.  

Our suggestion would be to use our wedding reels to assist or augment your videographer with their footage captured during the reception. Offering the ability for a unique perspective and a more relaxed environment for guests to communicate their thoughts, wishes and dreams for you and your spouse.


Let Us Help You Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Easy For Your Guest To Use
a link can be texted or emailed prior to the wedding or QR code can be placed on the table center piece at the reception asking guest to provide a unique video to become a part of the edit. Videos can be recorded right on their mobile phones and upload to your dashboard - That's it No APP No # Hashtags required. The video guides your guests through every step of the process.    

Collect & Store Unlimited Videos
Unlimited guest-generated video content from a QR code or a link that is sent to your guests, once the guest creates the video or videos, it's sent to the dashboard where all of your wedding memories are stored. Think of ways to get parents, relatives, old and new friends to tell a story of their funniest memories/moments with you or you and your spouse. Our wedding reels pre-wedding strategy, includes sending a link or QR code on your invite, with a message that requests a video messages that could be displayed at your receptions "Digital Wedding Wall of Love"!
Any and all videos that are generated through the platforms link or QR code are saved and stored for you to use, delete, automate to a web page or be included with a professional edit.

Save Time & Money with Technology 
Send video requests prior to the wedding and ask for a video memory or supplement your videographer expense and have a bridesmaids or groomsmen use it to capture rehearsal dinner (out takes), day of wedding experience from both bride / groom and honeymoon.  No film crew, setup, or travel needed.

Compared To A Professional Video 
Get a whole video library of guest-generated videos for a fraction of the cost of one professional video. You don't need to be stuck with a large video marketing budget. If you really want to save cost edited it yourself! 

Our Wedding Reels Collects the Videos, You Pick the Best Ones!


Our Wedding Reels

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